What is intravenous (IV) hydration/vitamin therapy?

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy is a safe and effective method for delivering natural vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream. This allows for 100% absorption of all IV fluids and vitamins, which makes them immediately available for cellular use. Oral supplements are absorbed into the digestive tract, which only allows for up to 20% absorption of all nutrients.

Is IV hydration therapy safe?

Yes, IV therapy is safe. Each IV therapy is administered by a registered nurse who has the appropriate training, years of experience in medical care and IV therapy and is licensed and certified by the California Board of Nursing. All of our ingredients are provided by accredited pharmacies. Each individual IV therapy is prepared at the time of service and can be customized to each individual’s needs.

Is it covered by insurance?

No, the services we provide not covered by private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. We do accept cash or credit as a form of payment.

How long does an IV infusion take?

On average our IV therapy treatments take from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on the individual and the IV service provided, the time of infusion may vary. The RN will be able to provide a more accurate answer at the time of consultation.

Could I have an allergic reaction?

At the time of consultation and before providing any treatments, and at each subsequent treatment, we ask about all allergy and past health history information. Allergic reactions to IV vitamin therapy are rare, but may occur. An individual may have an unknown allergy to one of the nutrients used. Reactions to the vitamins themselves are unlikely since they are all naturally present in the body. All IV compositions are reviewed at time of consultation and during infusion. Patient safety and comfort is our number one concern. Our clinic has protocols and medications to treat allergic reactions.

Is it safe for women to receive IV Therapy during pregnancy?

IV fluid replacement is the standard of care for hydration therapy for patients acutely dehydrated and for those unable to tolerate oral fluids, such as, conditions like Hyperemesis Gravidarum experienced in pregnancy. Please advise your OB/GYN if you will be/have received treatment.

Are there any side effects associated with treatment?

With IV therapy side effects are very uncommon, but may occur.
Common Side Effects: • Discomfort, bruising and pain at the site of injection. • You may feel a cooling sensation in the arm from the IV fluids. • You may taste the vitamins or a “metallic” taste in your mouth. • You may experience a “warm flush” sensation, usually to the face.
Less common side effects: • Infection
• Allergic reaction to the treatment-flushing
• redness
• hives • Inflammation of the vein.
Extremely Rare Side Effects: • Blood clot
• Infection
• Severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis.
Note: All side effects are short lived and treatable if necessary.


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